WOW Monday – Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

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Hey brides and grooms! It’s that time of the year when a lot of couples want to have their weddings outside. Outdoor weddings bring many benefits to the day. First of all, getting married in outdoor natural scenery is a beautiful experience for the bride, groom, and guests, as well as looking gorgeous in wedding photos. This also has the advantage of creating more space for guests to move around rather than being in an isolated space indoors, which leads to easier socialization. An outdoor space is essential to be sure empty compared to an indoor room with personalized walls and accessories. Of course, just like with any wedding, there will be a lot of planning to pull off this big day. From inviting guests and finding a venue, to outfit choices and selecting the music, there is so much to think about. Even something simple like getting in touch with a linen rentals company, for example, is an important step in creating the perfect vision for the wedding. Being outside allows the bride and groom to put their own personal twist and completely personalize their space to make the wedding feel more intimate. Finally, sitting outdoors feels more casual than a wedding indoors, and allows guests to feel more relaxed. However, this wonderful idea also comes with a lot of focus on details such as; seating, sound, shade, bad weather backup plan…etc. This can all seem a little overwhelming, but by breaking it down into chunks it is easily tackled. Things like bad weather are easily solved by something like an outdoor pergola which gives shelter to guests.

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