Lighting Design

Set The Mood


Will your venue be NAKED on your day?

Picture this: your primary color envelops your room for cocktails and then you hear the “OOH…” from your guests as the room transforms to your secondary color just at the start of dinner. The mood calls for romance for your first dance as a cascading shade of red, the color of love, is seen everywhere as you glide across the floor.

Dance Floor Lighting

Lighting equipment varies GREATLY! Taylored Weddings utilizes Exact Match technology between our lighting and your color choices so there will be no surprises in what you see on your wedding day. Here what past brides LOVE about their venue reveal with Taylored Weddings lighting.

Custom Monograms

Since a child, we have always had a fascination with seeing our name in lights. Well now you can finally make your parents proud! We can put you and your’s initials on your dance floor, wall, or even outside the venue for all to see. Why not show off a little?


Not everyone can have their wedding at a palace, so why not make yours one? With dozens of feet of drapery accented by our professional lighting we can transform any room into Cinderella’s castle.


Make it your own

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