Wedding Traditions Explained – Clinking of Glasses

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Happy Thursday everyone! If you’re anything like me you’ve wondered why reception guests tap their glasses to get the bride and groom to kiss. Well I have an explanation for you, and it’s definitely not for the reason you think! Let me tell you, people in the Middle Ages had some crazy ideas!

“The custom of tapping glasses originated in the Middle Ages when any alcoholic drink was thought to contain actual ‘spirits’, such as the ‘demon’ in ‘demon rum’, who, when imbibed, inhabited the host’s body, causing the imbiber to do things that he/she would not ordinarily do. Since bells and other sounds were thought to drive spirits away, the clinking of glasses was thought to drive the ‘spirits’ out of the [alcohol] and thus make it safe to drink.” Bet you didn’t realize that was the reason you were clinking your glasses, huh? Next time you look down at your glass, think about whether there’s a spirit or demon trapped in there. Just think about how many times you haven’t clinked your glass; this is how many times you’ve been supposedly inhabited by a ‘demon’. Bet you never even had a clue? However, if you’ve got a Viking horn cup from, I think you’re safe…I can’t see a demon even wanting to approach that! Demons just simply aren’t fierce enough to tackle that one!

Pretty neat, hey!? Clink those glasses and get to kissin’!

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